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Moonlit Night by Azaurmyth Moonlit Night by Azaurmyth
So I was bored, and insanely disappointed with the quality of background scenery in my Work in Progress, so I decided to practice today.

First off, I did a little research to see how some others were doing their backgrounds. And yeah, mine are totally lack-luster. But I stumbled across an invaluable piece of information that I have actually been looking for for a while now. How to make brushes. I cannot thank :iconmissaisling: enough for this wonderful knowledge. Mind you, that was the only part of her tutorial that I used, considering that this was a night piece. And that was really the only thing I used extensively for this one.

So, most of the brushes I used for this one were made by yours truly, or came in the CS5 program. Example being the trees were all my brushes, however, the moons and the mountains were default brushes.

A little extra information about this one, just cause I feel like it. This is a small glimpse into Kai's world. The planet it belongs to is called Vasi'dan (The i is pronounced more like an "eh") More specifically, this is the mountain range that separates the Northern region from the rest of the regions in the continent. The region is Daso'ama, and the mountain range is Ckjasji'cjya. Roughly translated, Daso'ama is "Land of Snow"; considering it's the northern most part of the continent, that makes sense. Ckjasji'cjya is roughly "Great Dividing Rise". And don't bother telling me that I'm pathetic, cause I already know that. My OC has a whole world, culture, and race all to himself, and I'm learning more everyday.

^^;; Now that I have you sufficiently bored...comment!! I lurves the feedback and the views.

Oh, and uhh...don't use this without my permission and all that jazz.
Jastley Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the Moon glow rings. Fantastic.
Azaurmyth Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
^^ thanks.

And thanks for the :+fav :
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July 29, 2012
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